PainAway Wireless TENS Unit

PainAway Wireless TENS Unit

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PainAway Wireless TENS Unit

Product Description

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is an excellent therapy for acute and chronic nerve- related pain.  PainAway Wireless TENS Unit has dual channel system that delivers twice the relieving power as conventional TENS units with its constant current of up to 60 milliamps. The wireless design makes it convenient to use on most areas of the body. The unit includes a remote control, two receivers and long-lasting reusable pads.  PainAway Wireless TENS Unit is fully rechargeable, no batteries needed.

  • Can be used for chronic and acute pain on most areas of the body.
  • Wireless design with rechargeable remote and receivers – no batteries to purchase.
  • Sleek LCD Remote controls up to 3 wireless receivers with ‘snap connectors’ to electrodes.
  • Long lasting electrode pads for up to 30 uses.
  • Dual Channel system delivers twice the power as conventional TENS units.
  • Provides constant current throughout each treatment.
  • Amplitude range: maximum: 50V-90V; minimum:0-10V(1KO load).
  • Frequency: 1.2-60Hz(±15%).
  • Pulse: 100µS(±30%).
  • Comes complete with LCD Remote Control, Two Wireless Receivers, One Large Long Lasting Back Electrode pad, Two 2”x3” Long Lasting Electrode Pads, Recharging Kit, Quick Start Guide and Instruction Manual.
  • Electrode refills available for separate purchase.
  • Warranty: 2-Year, Remote & Receivers.


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2-Year, Remote & Receivers.


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