Bledsoe Comfort Collar

Bledsoe Comfort Collar

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Bledsoe Comfort Collar

Product Description

Bledsoe  Comfort Collar is a lightweight two-piece cervical collar that provides moderate control of unwanted flexion/extension and rotation. Shaped to the chin and contoured with the shoulders, the components of the collar help it to maintain the head in a neutral position, while providing both comfort and support. This popular Philadelphia-style collar is latex free and hyper allergenic.


Features and Benefits:

  • Molded Two-Piece Foam Design: Contours to patient’s chin & shoulder, X-ray, CT & MRI compatible
  • Large Anterior Opening: Easy access to trachea, Good air circulation for patient comfort
  • Rigid Anterior & Posterior Reinforcements: Moderate control of unwanted flexion/extension


Conditions and Indications:

  • Degenerative disorders,
  • immobilization after trauma/surgery
  • spinal stenosis.


Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs

Bledsoe Brace Systems


AB0493X – Comfort Collar – S (10″-13″) 2.25″, 3.25″, 4.25″, 5.25″, AB0495X Comfort Collar – M (13″-16″) 2.25″, 3.25″, 4.25″, 5.25″, AB0497X Comfort Collar – L (16″-19″) 2.25″, 3.25″, 4.25″, 5.25″


S, M, L

Chin to Shoulder Size

Short, Standard, Tall, Extra Tall




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