Father Raps to 8 Year Old Son in Wheelchair

Father Raps to 8 Year Old Unresponsive Son in Wheelchair

Jared Correia experienced a stroke while in the womb and consequently has spent his eight years of life living with a variety of debilitating medical conditions. He has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and epilepsy, which has left him without the ability to stand, walk, talk or see.

But he can hear, which is where his dad comes in. Jared’s father, Jayce, inspired by his son’s ordeals, wrote a song for his song that includes the lines, “I couldn’t be prouder / what you must go through every hour.” He filmed himself rapping it to Jared, and Jared’s reaction – he smiles and nods his head – shows that while he may not be able to express it, he understands what his dad is trying to tell him.

Originally uploaded to Facebook, the video quickly reached half a million views as people shared Jayce’s show of support to his son. Jared “might not be able to see, or comprehend much, but boy can he hear and feel a rhythm,” Jayce told the Huffington Post.

Correia continued: “Anyone who is part of a special needs family knows the struggles and the blessings that come with it. I know as a parent the frustrations that come with it. I want people to know that they are not alone. That those feelings of frustration are normal. We are only human. Life is not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can be hit and keep on going.”

There’s a line from Jayce’s rap that sums up our feelings much more succinctly: “Next to you,” he says to his smiling son, “I feel like a coward.” Who wouldn’t?

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